Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why does time hate me.

I rearrange my daily schedule and plans so that I get on the computer faster when I get home. I do this so I can start writing something anything. Yet every night this week the opportunities escape me. Just when I think it will happen a big chunk of real life interferes. Suddenly it's 3am and it's too late.

Last night I started not feeling well. Went to bed at 3:30a. Evan decides to get up early and with an attitude. Up until I had to go to work was one little battle after the next. Normally Kathy works until 3pm and makes it home just in time for me to go to work. Once in a while I've had to take Evan to work with me for a few min and Kathy will pick him up there. (I may not love my job but so far they've always been supportive of this when it happens.)

Today Kathy calls me around 3pm and says her brother is on his way to pick up Evan. He will watch Evan for a while. There were some heavy issues at her work and she had to get them settled tonight. Evan went berserk. It was so frustrating.

I swear it makes no sense. Every time he goes with Kenny he has a great time. However he refused. See Kathy thought I could just go to work and Kenny would pick him up at home around 4pm. I'm supposed to be clocked in by 4pm. With Evan growing postal on me I couldn't leave. I was sure he would lock himself in his room and would never come out for Kenny. Again he wouldn't tell me why.

Well after gently talking to him gave way to loud threats of taking away his allowance and toys. He told me he would go, at this point if I left I could still make it on time, barely. But something told me I couldn't trust him. I called my manager and told her I would be a few minutes late. She seemed to understand. As expected when Kenny pulled up Evan began that fake, 7yr old, crying and tried to run upstairs to his room. I chased and caught him. Thereby doing the one thing I didn't want to do in front of my 89yr old grandmother. Cause a big scene and upset her. Yay me!

I got Evan out to Kenny's car. I was only a few minutes late to work. However now I'm zonked and this post is probably all I'm doing tonight. Though I want to. I have to help my aunt with my grandmother tomorrow taking them to the doctor. So I need to try and get some sleep. I hope tomorrow's better.