Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Superman just isn't my cup of tea.

I'm a realist, in life and in my art. Whether it's a drawing, illustration, painting, or even in my writing. I try to make sure no matter the circumstances of the piece that it seems believable. My dad and I shared a hatred of television shows like Miami Vice and Chips. Why?

Because the heroes were too perfect.

Their hair rarely got mussed and rarely did it ever seem like they were ever in any danger. The supporting cast all got the crap beat out of them. But Sonny or Ponch just kept smiling the whole time. Oh and then there was the fact that no matter the subject matter the heroes always knew more than anyone eles. Whether it was being a cop, martial arts, car racing, hang gliding, particle physics, mapping the human genome, or women. These heroes did it all better than anyone and looked good doing it.

This is what I strive against in my work. Which is why I have such a hard time with my art. I have problem areas that effect the whole piece. Though most of it is fine if a damn chair in the background doesn't look right I will and have destroyed entire projects. Choosing to Wallow in self pity instead of trying again. It's the same way with writing. The scene can be perfect except for the pacing or dialogue and suddenly I just quite. I believe I'm way too hard on myself on purpose. This way I've achieved a convenient crutch to not actually complete anything. If I don't finish it then no one can reject me. As my therapist says 'Failure on my terms'.

Well by God I'm done with that. Soon very soon I will start posting pieces on here. This is not one of a million empty promises I've made in the past. This is serious. Then I shall begin the process of submitting things to anyone and everyone I can. Whatever the subject matter though one thing will be assured. My leading men and women are as real as I can make them. Superman just isn't my style.


... Paige said...

on your own terms. hum makes sense I just figured it was because I was afraid of sucess and the abilty to keep producing sucess

Sorry what did you say I thought you talking about me...my bad

Good ta see ya

Frank Jenkins said...

Well, I will be anxious to read your stuff. See, I do read your Facebook page. He's telling the truth about tearing up paintings and stuff. I saw him do it so often in high school and college. If I had a buck for every time, we'd both have hair like Ponch and Jon.

Jai Joshi said...

I'm so glad you've decided to take this step, Kevin. We are all too hard on ourselves sometimes but it sounds like you took the affliction to an art form.

I'll be waiting and looking forward to reading some of those pieces.


Lydia Sharp said...

I am all for realism in character. Strengths as well as weaknesses, just like in real life. Probably why I always connected more with Batman than Superman. Batman constantly battled with feelings of worthlessness, in addition to having a disturbing past...something many of us can relate to. And his super powers aren't really super powers at all, they're manmade gadgets and technology.

Glad you're buckling down on yourself. I've done that in the past. Sometimes, it's the only thing that works.