Thursday, July 30, 2009

Holy Sleepless in Seattle Batman! What a day. Started out with Evan waking up too early for my day off. Then it settled down a little bit. Evan and I went and had lunch with Kathy at her work. Afterwards he and I went for a walk around the Verteran's park, even had a face off with some very territorial geese.

Note: if you just want your seven year old to turn around slowly and walk away. Do not say "O.k. look they're mad let's turn around and get out of here." He apparently took that to mean. "Quick, let's run as fast as we can screaming at the top of our lungs!" I believe the geese were too busy laughing at my brave little man to chase us anymore.

Anyway Kathy's mom is expecting her sister from Texas this weekend. Last weekend Kathy's mom went into the hospital and was released this past Monday. So she hasn't been in any shape to clean the house. So after Kathy got off work the three of us went over there for some heavy labor and a cheap pizza dinner. (Just for the honest record. While I did everything my wife told me to do diligently she did most of the hard labor. She wore herself out.) We get home around 10:00pm, after relaxing for about half an hour I go upstairs and begin the usual process of getting the wildman to sleep. Yes it's later than usual but it's summer and we just got home as well.

Two hours later the kid still isn't asleep. No, I have no clue as to why but the boy wouldn't sleep. I gave up and agreed to let him sleep in our bed. Kathy would have none of it. So I marched a very pissed off little boy upstairs and took another thirty minutes to calm him down and let me rub his back to hopefully relax him. Finally he drifted off, quickly thank god.

I try to eat something, the cheap pizza had long worn off. Now I've got an upset stomach and I'm still feeling pissy even though everyone else is asleep. I've tried but I can't make anything work right now. Not pissed off enought o write anything mean and too frustrated to write or draw anything else. I know I'm probably just letting myself have an excuse but sometimes it's just not happening no matter how hard you try. I guess this is one of those Screams posts.


... Paige said...

No way did y'all have to "clean" stuff for us Texicans, especially when just out of the hospital.
Sister is gonna have a holy cow when she finds out and then you two can be pissy together.

Memories of rubbing the back, go to sleep, go to sleep my little brown eyes, ah yes. one million dollars to have that back
thanks now I'm gonna cry my way home in the rainy Friday night traffic.

it's ok to laugh at adversity cause that is after all a funny word {smile}