Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey remember me?

Okay I am sorry for the long delay. As you all know I went to Disney world. One incredible trip my friends one incredible trip. As soon as I got back my schedule was changed from 4 to midnight to 11 to 7, overnight. So between that and school starting and dealing with my grandmother I have been a little lax. Forgive me.

Also I've been told by more than one person there seems to be an issue with people leaving comments on here. I will investigate and see what's going on, please be patient.

I am so psyched lately. I'm taking the plunge. I'm reopened and old piece that never got past the opening and working on it. I found out about a publisher that is working on a collection of anthologies. The deadline is in December and I've decided this will be the one that busts my cherry. I do not expect to be accepted but that's not the point right now. It's to get myself into finishing and submitting things. Eventually I feel it will happen but only if I actually do something. So wish me luck.

Evan's first week of school is going smoother than last year. Of course last year he wasn't on his medication. He is ADHD, for real, and last year was a nightmare. There is a big difference this year. We still have other issues but things are looking up.

We came home and Grandma was still in the hospital. She had been moved to transitional care for about 10 days. She is home now. I know a lot of people told me that pacemakers are lifesavers and to expect a huge increase in her energy level. Well it ain't happening. She is so weak and tired all the time. I'd be lying if I didn't say how worried I really am about her. Her spirits are high because she's home and she does have a bit more of an appetite. Still getting out of her chair takes her breath. It's scary. I know she turns 90 soon but she means the world to me and no matter how prepared you are and objective about the circle of life. Watching your parents or grandparents deteriorate like this SUCKS big time.

Well I'm off to work on my fantasy story. Again wish me luck.